Hassan Iqbal is a composer, musician, and producer. Living in Pakistan, Hassan expresses his vision through collaborations with those of similar expression around the world. His music is shaped by a disposition towards sounds that stretch his listening experience.

Over the past decade, Hassan has collaborated with Areni Agbabian, Cynic drummer Sean Reinert, Canadian multi-instrumentalist Catriona Sturton and others that share a similar sensibility towards music.

His latest project Coalesce is a record based on improvised material that he gathered to realize his vision, It features the voices of Wendy Eisenberg, Céline Iris, and Lauren Lee.


Hassan’s debut record Of the Sky was released in April
Alive, a duo improvised collaboration with keyboardist Stephen Pilolla was released in May
Space Gardens, an EP influenced by ambient and electronic music was released in June
Second record, whirl was released in October

Third record At the Eve was released in January
Fourth record Trellis was released in December

Light, a collaborative EP with Austin Pittman was released in January
Zen, keyboard and drum duo record with Austin Pittman released in July
For a Home EP was released in September
FIfth record Coalesce was released in November